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Happy 5 Months!

Well, Griffin & Dakota turned 5 months on Friday, and I promised a celebratory post!  What’s been goin’ on with my boys this month?


  • Both boys absolutely love their jolly jumpers – they just can’t get enough! They’re so different in their jumpers – Dakota goes crazy and just jumps & jumps, up & down for ages.  Griffin kind of does a ‘riverdance’ style dance, getting some fancy footwork going.
  • They’re still rockin’ the bumbos.  Griffin is trying to lean his way out of his, so I think he’ll outgrow it soon!
  • They’re starting to know and like their dog.  Griffin gets the cutest grin when Boomer comes close and sniffs him – maybe he just likes the ticklish beard :).
  • We tried solids for the first time on Friday – Griffin has been bored with his milk and not gaining as well as he should. And with me back at work, starting solids a little early will delay (or maybe even avoid) topping my pumped milk off with formula.  And it’s official – Griffin absolutely loves bananas. He cannot get enough – he eats all of his share plus Dakota’s, too!
  • Dakota loves the big giant monkey I use in their ‘grow’ pictures.  Nom nom, he sure is yummy!
  • Griffin has found his voice, and loves talking to himself.  He’s been falling asleep and waking up to conversations – must nice for mommy & daddy than crying!
  • Griffin loves rolling over!  It’s hard to get him to stay on his tummy at all.
  • Griffin loves to swim!  We went swimming in Palm Springs and it was definitely a hit.


  • Dakota hates his carseat.  He screams the whole time he’s in it.  He might be ready for a big-boy carseat but we’re not!
  • Dakota hates bananas.  Ew, yucky, gross, get that out of my mouth!  We’re trying avocados tomorrow, maybe those will go off a little better.
  • Both boys are still hating sudden loud noises – their faces crumple and screaming follows.  It’s difficult to calm them down :(.


  • It’s amazing how the things we couldn’t do without last month are now sitting in the other room collecting dust: bouncy chairs, swings, playgyms…
  • They’re also still indifferent to their jumperoo. Maybe because they just aren’t tall enough yet to reach the goodies on top, or just aren’t interested.
  • Dakota is indifferent to swimming.  Nothing special for him, really.
  • Dakota is indifferent to tummy time – an improvement over last month when he definitely hated it!

On the whole, they are both happy babies – but  this month Griffin wins as the happiest baby around our house.  We have our meltdowns and tantrums, but giggles and smiles are much more predominant. And best of all… the boys celebrated 5 months by sleeping through the night! 6am wake-up yesterday morning, and 7am this morning – no 4am feed.  Let’s hope they keep this up!

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Friday Night Leftovers #4

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on a Friday night!  Statutory holidays are good for extra time :).  So, what’s been going on with us:

  • Griffin & Dakota are 5 months today!  I’m so excited to post on a Friday that I decided to postpone their 5-month entry to later this weekend.
  • We met up with a virtual friend and her daughter today – it is always so much fun to put a face to someone you talk to daily!
  • The first born of my favourite mommies group is finally getting ready to go home.  Find out more about her here.
  • I still haven’t gotten around to that vacation post I wanted to write.  It’s coming!
  • I’m starting to find a balance between work, the boys, my husband, and Mr. Boomer.  Just when I think I have it all figured out… we’re getting a puppy in 3 weeks!
  • We visited the puppies last weekend – we have 3 litters to choose from.  Can’t wait!
  • Griffin & Dakota are addicted to jumping. More about their jumping jollies in their 5-month post to come.
  • My favourite hockey team is struggling in the playoffs.  Makes for a very grumpy husband!
  • We tried solids for the first time this morning – bananas were a hit with Griffin!  Dakota wasn’t so sure, so we let Griffin finish his share.
  • We had boot camp in agility this week. It’s mentally difficult for the dogs and handlers.  Boomer handled it like a champ – he has been so happy to work for me since I returned to work!

That’s about all for this week.  I probably won’t have time for leftovers until the next Friday stat, but don’t worry you can find plenty more here!

Jumping Jollies

Visiting Winter Baby


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Back to work…

Well, I went back to work on April 1st and I’ve fallen off the blogging bandwagon!

I have a ton of blog posts floating around in my head that I want to get down.  I thought I’d start by creating a list – not only do I love lists, but getting it all down should hopefully motivate me to get these posts written!

  1. It’s about time Boomer got his own post.  He went back to trialing in March, and he deserves a tribute.  Post for Boomer to come!
  2. We took our first family holiday in March (both boys, and the dog!).  Our trip deserves its own post.
  3. Griffin & Dakota turned 4 months while we were away.  They need a 4-month entry! (And I better get on that before they turn 5 months in a couple of weeks)
  4. I’m back to work, and that in itself might need two or three posts.  Pumping at work, Dad on parental leave…

I’m setting a timeline of one week to get all this catch-up done.  We’ll see if I can stick to it!

Beatle-love from California

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Friday Night Leftovers #3

  • I realized this week I only have five weeks left on my maternity leave – back to work April 1st.  The prospect leaves me frightened, sad, dismayed, and a little excited.
  • Five weeks before work means 2 1/2 weeks before our family trip to Palm Springs, San Diego, & Los Angeles.  Travelling with a dog and two infants – what were we thinking???
  • The boys are going through another transition period.  They are using their swings a lot less and spending more time on their playmat.  They have started batting at hanging toys and grabbing my shirt.  Grabbing toys is next, I’m sure!
  • Both boys have also discovered Boomer.  Boomer’s still not sure what to think of them, especially now they’re spending so much time on ‘his’ floor.
  • We’re starting to transition the boys to their own cribs.  So far, just daytime naps are in separate cribs.  Nighttime separation to come soon!
  • They are continuing to sleep really well.  They have two great daytime naps (go down between 9am and 10am for 1 to 2 hours or sometimes more, then go down between 12pm and 2pm for 1 to 2 hours or sometimes more), plus a ‘sometimes’ shorter late afternoon nap.  At night they go 10 to 12 hours, with just one feed break in the early morning hours.  We are soooo lucky, and I thank Dr. Marc Weissbluth for all our success!  At this moment, they are in hour 3 of a super afternoon nap!
  • Speaking of Dr. Weissbluth, I got his Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins book.  It makes a great compliment to Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, which I already have.
  • My husband has been working at a different location all week, quite a long commute away.  He keeps missing the boys – they are often in bed before they are home.  He is looking forward to being on parental leave and spending more time with them!
  • With my husband working so far away, he has been unable to leave me the car and take transit it.  This means Griffin & Dakota missed their normal bi-weekly weigh-in.  I have no idea how much they weigh, and can’t wait until their mid-March doctor’s appointment to find out! They really seem to be growing, I’m going to have to pull out the 3-6 month clothes for Griffin soon.
  • I mailed in two agility trial premiums this week – Boomer and I are back to competing!  We’ll start slow with just a couple of morning runs, but I can’t wait!  March 13th and 14th are our first days back.
  • Agility class was cancelled this week due to extremely cold temperatures (class is in a covered outdoor barn).  Boomer and I really missed our night out together.

That’s all for now!  Danifred has some more leftovers ready for you here!


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Happy 3 Months!

Griffin & Dakota are 3 months today! Their first two months sped by before I started this blog, so I wasn’t going to miss this milestone.  Overall, my babies are happy and content and doing well.  Here are some things they do and don’t like – many more likes than hates!

Happy 3 months!

Griffin Likes:

  • Smiling, at anyone and everything (best baby smiles EVER!);
  • Looking at himself in the mirror;
  • His hands (but hasn’t figured out about the thumb yet);
  • His bath;
  • Tummy time;
  • Mom’s Beco;
  • Going for walks with his dog.

Griffin Hates:

  • Sleeping during the day (might miss something!);
  • Laying still while eating (might miss something!);
  • Waiting to eat when his brother wakes up first;
  • When mommy leaves him in the bumbo too long.

Dakota Likes:

  • Cooing and ‘talking’, to anyone and everything;
  • Looking at his brother;
  • Stretching (best baby stretches EVER!);
  • His bath;
  • Dad’s Baby Buddha;
  • Sleeping;
  • His bumbo.

Dakota Hates:

  • Tummy time;
  • The Open Wide! game.

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Thrush Wars, in conclusion

In Part 1, I talked about the first 8 weeks breastfeeding my twins and the initial help I received from Lactation Consultants and a Breastfeeding Clinic.

In Part 2, I talked about our unsuccessful Gentian Violet + Probiotics treatment and the start of my online research on thrush.

In Part 3, I talked about GSE Treatment and a temporary relief in symptoms.

In Part 4, I talked about the return of symptoms and treatment with APNO. I also mentioned hoping to make an appointment with a Lactation Consultant (LC).

Week 13, con’t: Every day last week the pain while showering diminished. My left side became essentially pain free, though still pinkish.  My right side continued to hurt, especially when Dakota was feeding.  I talked to the Lactation Consultant my friend recommended and made an appointment for the following week. We weren’t sure if it was still thrush I as dealing with or if this was something new or an ongoing, unrelated problem.

Week 14 (real time!): I saw the LC yesterday.  She agreed we likely had been battling thrush, but that it looked like it was GONE! Griffin and I have no signs of thrush, and Dakota has a small blister on his lip and coating on his tongue that could be thrush.  Or, it could just be milk residue.  She suggested I watch Dakota’s mouth, and also keep an eye on Griffin and I because if Dakota still has thrush then it will likely come back for Griffin and I.  We agreed it’s time to start weaning of the GSE and that the babies no longer needed the probiotics.  Breastmilk should have enough good bacteria and there should be no longer be any need for the probiotic top-up.  We’ll see how this goes!

The pain on my right side is due to a combination of some blocked ducts and poor latching.  For the blocked ducts, she suggested pulling back the skin with a sterile needle when the block shows as a white spot on my nipple, and then squeezing out any solidified milk.  She also advised I should take 3600mg of Lecithin (3x 1200mg capsules) three times per day, which can help alleviate blockages.

The poor latching is going to take more work, especially for Dakota.  Because I have plenty of milk, they have still gained weight without problem.  However, they are hurting me!  Griffin’s mouth is almost wide enough, but Dakota’s is downright tiny when he feeds.  She taught me a game to play with them to help them learn to open wider.  During their quiet alert stage after eating, my husband or I are to look them in the eye and touch their chin, saying ‘Open Wide!’.  We should open our mouths wide and get them to copy us, using our finger to open their mouths up.  In addition, when feeding I should say ‘Open Wide!’ before latching and try to hold their chin down until they are fully latched.  It is hard work, and they both get frustrated and upset right now.  Hopefully it gets better and I can work on improving their latch, which should make feeds shorter and alleviate my pain!

This breastfeeding thing is a lot harder than ‘they’ make it out to be.  Have you had any problems you would like to share?

For now, the thrush war is over.  Me: 1, Thrush: 0.

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Friday Night Leftovers #2

Find out more about leftovers here!

  • I got an appointment to see a Lactation Consultant on Monday morning.  She’ll go over they boys’ latch, thrush, and any other issues she finds.  I can’t wait!
  • Boomer is a straggly, disheveled mess. I hope to find time this weekend to give him a proper bath and haircut.  Poor guy has been neglected of late!
  • I had my husband print a bunch of agility trial premiums out yesterday.  I’m going to start trialing with Boomer again soon!
  • My husband and I plan on braving the Cloverdale Swap Meet tomorrow morning, with both babies.  He’ll carry Dakota in his Baby Buddha, and I’ll have Griffin in my Beco.  We hope to pick up a nice umbrella stroller that we can use with a carrier instead of always lugging around the double stroller.
  • Griffin and Dakota are still growing like weeds – especially Dakota.  He has doubled his birthweight already! I was looking at pictures of Dakota as a newborn and the difference is really striking.
  • The boys got a bumbo each. Dakota absolutely loves his, he likes seeing the world and knowing what is going on.  Griffin’s head is a little less steady and he has a hard time sitting in it for too long. If he’s tired, his poor little head sinks down into his chest and he can’t lift it up.
  • The boys will be 3 months on Tuesday.  Like clockwork, they are getting tired earlier in the evening and sleeping longer stretches at night.  They are starting to develop their morning nap and often sleep 2 to 2 1/2 hours in the morning if I put them down between 9am and 10am.  Not today, though!
  • I realized today only 4 weeks until our Palm Springs family trip, and 6 weeks until I return to work.  Time is flying by so fast!

Dakota at about 10 days, with 5-month-old Sadie

Griffin at about 10 days

Dakota at 2 months 5 days

Griffin at 2 1/2 months


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