About Boomer

Hi there! Thanks for visiting!

I’m five years old, black & silver, and about 17 lbs.  I have a beard and fuzzy eyebrows, that mom says make me look like an old man.  But I act anything but old!

Mom & Dad got me five years ago this May, using money they got for their wedding.  They like to think of me as their favourite wedding present.  I was a pretty easy puppy, I never woke my parents up at night and learned to do my business outside pretty easily.  I went to puppy school, but my teacher wasn’t too impressed with me.  She didn’t like it when I postured and tried to boss around all the bigger dogs.  But hey, I’m a miniature schnauzer, and that means I’m in charge!

Mom decided I needed more exercise, so she started taking me to this cold, drafty barn and making me go up and over all these scary contraptions.  After a few weeks, I realized it wasn’t scary at all… and that I’m actually pretty good at it!  Sometimes I can’t figure out what my mom’s trying to tell me, and sometimes I just don’t care (that dog in the other ring looks like so much fun!), but I’ve managed to get what my mom calls ‘letters’ after my name.  I even got a big giant red ribbon at this event last summer with hundreds of dogs, not quite sure what it was, though mom said something about ‘regionals’.

I haven’t been to any trials lately, my mom has been really busy with my two new little (and annoying!) brothers.  But last week she brought me back to class and I’m enjoying getting back into agility.  I even remember everything that mom has taught me.  Well… almost everything!

You might find some stories about me in this blog, though I have a feeling my mom is much more interested in those annoying brothers right now!



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