(belated) Happy 6 Months!

May 22nd - Canucks won that day, just to celebrate their 1/2 birthday!

I started writing this the third week of May – Griffin and Dakota were 6 months on May 22nd.  Things have been crazy in our world lately and I never finished the post!  But here goes…

On Sunday(actually several Sundays ago) it was six months since my beautiful little boys were born, and our favourite hockey team has sure been on a run since then!  With perfect timing, they have grown into their first Canucks t-shirts just when the Canucks are going to the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in 17 years.  Coincidence?

Griffin and Dakota have spent the last month growing like crazy. Last month, Dakota had almost caught up to his big brother in size, but since starting solids Griffin has shot forward. He’s now almost 13 1/2 lbs to Dakota’s 12 1/2 lbs.  He loves to eat!

What else does Griffin love?

  • Rolling.  Onto his tummy, onto his back, onto his side and back again.  He is a rolling machine!
  • Shaking his head in a funny dance.  He does this whenever something is extra fun or tasty – eating butternut squash, playing with a new toy, or looking at his Boomer-dog.
  • Food!  So far he loves banana, rice cereal, oatmeal, avocados, sweet potatoes, peas, butternut squash, chicken, and prunes.  He’ll eat potatoes, apples, broccoli, and pears, but he’s not as excited! As long as mommy made it for him, that is.  The only jarred baby food he will eat is prunes, and even applesauce needs to be the ‘adult’ kind!
  • Bathtime.  He loves his bath so much he gets over excited, thrashes all about, and bangs his head!  More often than not, the bath ends in a few tears as he startles himself – but he recovers quickly once he realizes how much fun he is having.
  • Mommy.  Griffin’s smiles have been extra big for me lately – melts my heart and makes me miss him all that much more when I’m at work!

My little rolling machine!

But not everything is fun & roses.  There are some…

Things that Griffin hates:

  • Waiting to eat.  That boy does not have a patient bone in his body!
  • Sleeping unswaddled. Luckily, he hasn’t figured out how to roll over without his arms, yet.  When he does we’ll all be losing out on sleep as we try to transition to a sleep sack!
  • When his brother kicks him in the head.  Well, who wouldn’t? (Hate it, I mean, not kick him in the head :).)

Overall, Griffin’s a pretty happy guy.  He’s enjoying his swimming lessons, though I wouldn’t say he loves them yet (maybe next month?)

Dakota’s having a bit harder month. He hasn’t caught onto food like his brother, and as a result his temper’s short.  He still has his happy moments…

Things that Dakota Loves:

  • When mom comes home from work – he always has the biggest grin for me!
  • Jumping.  The Jolly Jumper’s gotten old.  But if someone jumps Dakota for him, he’s all giggles.
  • Being held.  Most of the time this is the only thing that makes him happy, but some of the time even that doesn’t work!
  • Cereal, apples, and bananas.  The only solid food he really likes right now!
  • Swimming.  While Griffin is indifferent, Dakota just loves being in the water.  He kicks his feet and tries to swim already!
  • Sleeping.  Dakota is a great sleeper – as long as he’s swaddled!
  • His feet.  As long as he’s touching his feet, I can usually get a grin out of my grumpier baby.

Happy Dakota with his feet!

As you’ve probably gathered, when he’s not swimming Dakota’s more into the hates this month…

Things that Dakota Hates:

  • Being on the ground alone;
  • Being on the ground with his brother, mom, or dad,
  • Being in his bumbo for too long;
  • Being in his high chair;
  • Having his bib put on;
  • Eating anything that is not sweet (we trick him by mixing applesauce or butternut squash into every bite!)
  • Waiting.  And since he’s a twin who wakes up second, he end up waiting an awful lot, poor guy!

And now hopefully I find time to post before they’re 7 months – which is only a couple of weeks away!



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2 responses to “(belated) Happy 6 Months!

  1. They really are so different, hey?! Both so cute though!

  2. Love that they’re both so different… LOVE that you get huge smiles out of both of them when you come home from work, lol. Feels good to see that huge toothless grin. 🙂

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