Happy 5 Months!

Well, Griffin & Dakota turned 5 months on Friday, and I promised a celebratory post!  What’s been goin’ on with my boys this month?


  • Both boys absolutely love their jolly jumpers – they just can’t get enough! They’re so different in their jumpers – Dakota goes crazy and just jumps & jumps, up & down for ages.  Griffin kind of does a ‘riverdance’ style dance, getting some fancy footwork going.
  • They’re still rockin’ the bumbos.  Griffin is trying to lean his way out of his, so I think he’ll outgrow it soon!
  • They’re starting to know and like their dog.  Griffin gets the cutest grin when Boomer comes close and sniffs him – maybe he just likes the ticklish beard :).
  • We tried solids for the first time on Friday – Griffin has been bored with his milk and not gaining as well as he should. And with me back at work, starting solids a little early will delay (or maybe even avoid) topping my pumped milk off with formula.  And it’s official – Griffin absolutely loves bananas. He cannot get enough – he eats all of his share plus Dakota’s, too!
  • Dakota loves the big giant monkey I use in their ‘grow’ pictures.  Nom nom, he sure is yummy!
  • Griffin has found his voice, and loves talking to himself.  He’s been falling asleep and waking up to conversations – must nice for mommy & daddy than crying!
  • Griffin loves rolling over!  It’s hard to get him to stay on his tummy at all.
  • Griffin loves to swim!  We went swimming in Palm Springs and it was definitely a hit.


  • Dakota hates his carseat.  He screams the whole time he’s in it.  He might be ready for a big-boy carseat but we’re not!
  • Dakota hates bananas.  Ew, yucky, gross, get that out of my mouth!  We’re trying avocados tomorrow, maybe those will go off a little better.
  • Both boys are still hating sudden loud noises – their faces crumple and screaming follows.  It’s difficult to calm them down :(.


  • It’s amazing how the things we couldn’t do without last month are now sitting in the other room collecting dust: bouncy chairs, swings, playgyms…
  • They’re also still indifferent to their jumperoo. Maybe because they just aren’t tall enough yet to reach the goodies on top, or just aren’t interested.
  • Dakota is indifferent to swimming.  Nothing special for him, really.
  • Dakota is indifferent to tummy time – an improvement over last month when he definitely hated it!

On the whole, they are both happy babies – but  this month Griffin wins as the happiest baby around our house.  We have our meltdowns and tantrums, but giggles and smiles are much more predominant. And best of all… the boys celebrated 5 months by sleeping through the night! 6am wake-up yesterday morning, and 7am this morning – no 4am feed.  Let’s hope they keep this up!

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