Friday Night Leftovers #4

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on a Friday night!  Statutory holidays are good for extra time :).  So, what’s been going on with us:

  • Griffin & Dakota are 5 months today!  I’m so excited to post on a Friday that I decided to postpone their 5-month entry to later this weekend.
  • We met up with a virtual friend and her daughter today – it is always so much fun to put a face to someone you talk to daily!
  • The first born of my favourite mommies group is finally getting ready to go home.  Find out more about her here.
  • I still haven’t gotten around to that vacation post I wanted to write.  It’s coming!
  • I’m starting to find a balance between work, the boys, my husband, and Mr. Boomer.  Just when I think I have it all figured out… we’re getting a puppy in 3 weeks!
  • We visited the puppies last weekend – we have 3 litters to choose from.  Can’t wait!
  • Griffin & Dakota are addicted to jumping. More about their jumping jollies in their 5-month post to come.
  • My favourite hockey team is struggling in the playoffs.  Makes for a very grumpy husband!
  • We tried solids for the first time this morning – bananas were a hit with Griffin!  Dakota wasn’t so sure, so we let Griffin finish his share.
  • We had boot camp in agility this week. It’s mentally difficult for the dogs and handlers.  Boomer handled it like a champ – he has been so happy to work for me since I returned to work!

That’s about all for this week.  I probably won’t have time for leftovers until the next Friday stat, but don’t worry you can find plenty more here!

Jumping Jollies

Visiting Winter Baby



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3 responses to “Friday Night Leftovers #4

  1. The pic of the boys in their side by side jolly jumpers is the cutest…totally made me smile!

  2. My girls loved jumping at that age. They thought it was hilarious!
    You, my friend, are going to have some busy days ahead with a new puppy. Good for you for taking on the challenge!
    I hope your weekend is wonderful

  3. Chantal

    Oh those cuties!!! Sad that it will be a long time before we can meet up again!

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