Happy 4 months (& 3 weeks, oops!)

Well, Griffin and Dakota turned 4 months while we were away in Palm Springs so I couldn’t take a picture with their ‘grow monkey.  Instead, they are slippy slidey in the corner of my parents’ leather couch.

Griffin & Dakota - 4 months old in Palm Springs!

Griffin struggled with weight gain in month 4, and actually only gained 3oz in one two-week period.  We had to start waking him around 10pm for an extra feed in the hopes his gain would improve. Dakota developed a nice, sunny disposition and began smiling a lot.  He was catching up to his brother in weight, and it was certainly putting him in a good mood!

I should have taken some notes when they actually turned 4 months, but let’s see if I can remember some of their likes and dislikes:

Griffin Liked:

  • Spitting up (I swear he got an evil grin after a big one);
  • His playmat;
  • Rolling over (front to back);
  • Teasing his brother (he mastered the art of pulling his brother’s soother out of his mouth!);
  • His fuzzy dice;
  • His fist in his mouth;
  • His Grandma McDonald (my mom) and Great-Grandma Montes;
  • Mom’s Beco;
  • Flying on a plane;
  • Finding his voice so he can finally talk back to his brother.

Griffin Hated:

  • Sudden loud noises (sneezes, coughs, door closing… it would start a never-ending screaming session!);
  • Laying still while eating (hasn’t improved any since 3 months – in fact, it’s gotten worse);
  • Being in his carseat for too long;
  • Being held in a horizontal position – up, over the shoulder or facing out preferred, thank you very much!

Dakota Liked:

  • Cooing and ‘talking’, to anyone and everything (even more than at 3 months!);
  • Screeching (his new favourite sound);
  • Kicking – he did almost a march at every diaper change;
  • Dad’s Baby Buddha;
  • His playmat;
  • His his fuzzy dice;
  • His Grandma McDonald and Great-Grandma Montes.

Dakota Hated:

  • Tummy time (not much better at it than at 3 months – though he did finally roll over once!);
  • Long car rides (the drives from Palm Springs to San Diego and from Long Beach to Palm Springs were not fun);
  • And just like his brother, being held in a horizontal position – up, over the shoulder or facing out preferred, thank you very much!

Some pictures of the boys with their likes & dislikes:

Griffin teasing his brother

Dakota & his Fuzzy Dice


Griffin & his yummy fist!

Dakota (barely) tolerating tummy time

Griffin & Great-Grandma Montes

The boys with Grandma McDonald



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2 responses to “Happy 4 months (& 3 weeks, oops!)

  1. They’re so adorable! Love the pic of Griffin picking on D.

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