Thrush Wars, in conclusion

In Part 1, I talked about the first 8 weeks breastfeeding my twins and the initial help I received from Lactation Consultants and a Breastfeeding Clinic.

In Part 2, I talked about our unsuccessful Gentian Violet + Probiotics treatment and the start of my online research on thrush.

In Part 3, I talked about GSE Treatment and a temporary relief in symptoms.

In Part 4, I talked about the return of symptoms and treatment with APNO. I also mentioned hoping to make an appointment with a Lactation Consultant (LC).

Week 13, con’t: Every day last week the pain while showering diminished. My left side became essentially pain free, though still pinkish.  My right side continued to hurt, especially when Dakota was feeding.  I talked to the Lactation Consultant my friend recommended and made an appointment for the following week. We weren’t sure if it was still thrush I as dealing with or if this was something new or an ongoing, unrelated problem.

Week 14 (real time!): I saw the LC yesterday.  She agreed we likely had been battling thrush, but that it looked like it was GONE! Griffin and I have no signs of thrush, and Dakota has a small blister on his lip and coating on his tongue that could be thrush.  Or, it could just be milk residue.  She suggested I watch Dakota’s mouth, and also keep an eye on Griffin and I because if Dakota still has thrush then it will likely come back for Griffin and I.  We agreed it’s time to start weaning of the GSE and that the babies no longer needed the probiotics.  Breastmilk should have enough good bacteria and there should be no longer be any need for the probiotic top-up.  We’ll see how this goes!

The pain on my right side is due to a combination of some blocked ducts and poor latching.  For the blocked ducts, she suggested pulling back the skin with a sterile needle when the block shows as a white spot on my nipple, and then squeezing out any solidified milk.  She also advised I should take 3600mg of Lecithin (3x 1200mg capsules) three times per day, which can help alleviate blockages.

The poor latching is going to take more work, especially for Dakota.  Because I have plenty of milk, they have still gained weight without problem.  However, they are hurting me!  Griffin’s mouth is almost wide enough, but Dakota’s is downright tiny when he feeds.  She taught me a game to play with them to help them learn to open wider.  During their quiet alert stage after eating, my husband or I are to look them in the eye and touch their chin, saying ‘Open Wide!’.  We should open our mouths wide and get them to copy us, using our finger to open their mouths up.  In addition, when feeding I should say ‘Open Wide!’ before latching and try to hold their chin down until they are fully latched.  It is hard work, and they both get frustrated and upset right now.  Hopefully it gets better and I can work on improving their latch, which should make feeds shorter and alleviate my pain!

This breastfeeding thing is a lot harder than ‘they’ make it out to be.  Have you had any problems you would like to share?

For now, the thrush war is over.  Me: 1, Thrush: 0.

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2 responses to “Thrush Wars, in conclusion

  1. They definitely have different “open wide” mouths, hey? No wonder their latches are so different.

    This time around (knock on wood), I haven’t had any issues. With Samara though, she had latching problems at first that resulted in blisters on both nipples. After that was solved, I got a bad case of mastitis. After that was solved, I started having issues with milk supply and was on Domperidone and supplementing with formula for the duration of breastfeeding (I continued until she hit a year). I really, really hope I’ve paid my dues and it’s smooth sailing this time!

    I completely feel like you’ve paid your dues now and you shouldn’t have another issue AT ALL!!

  2. Sounds like you had a rough time with Samara! I’m hoping the pain will go away as their latches improve. Only time ill tell! And hope things continue to go smooth for you this time around :).

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