Happy 3 Months!

Griffin & Dakota are 3 months today! Their first two months sped by before I started this blog, so I wasn’t going to miss this milestone.  Overall, my babies are happy and content and doing well.  Here are some things they do and don’t like – many more likes than hates!

Happy 3 months!

Griffin Likes:

  • Smiling, at anyone and everything (best baby smiles EVER!);
  • Looking at himself in the mirror;
  • His hands (but hasn’t figured out about the thumb yet);
  • His bath;
  • Tummy time;
  • Mom’s Beco;
  • Going for walks with his dog.

Griffin Hates:

  • Sleeping during the day (might miss something!);
  • Laying still while eating (might miss something!);
  • Waiting to eat when his brother wakes up first;
  • When mommy leaves him in the bumbo too long.

Dakota Likes:

  • Cooing and ‘talking’, to anyone and everything;
  • Looking at his brother;
  • Stretching (best baby stretches EVER!);
  • His bath;
  • Dad’s Baby Buddha;
  • Sleeping;
  • His bumbo.

Dakota Hates:

  • Tummy time;
  • The Open Wide! game.

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  1. Happy 3 months, cute boys!

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