Friday Night Leftovers #2

Find out more about leftovers here!

  • I got an appointment to see a Lactation Consultant on Monday morning.  She’ll go over they boys’ latch, thrush, and any other issues she finds.  I can’t wait!
  • Boomer is a straggly, disheveled mess. I hope to find time this weekend to give him a proper bath and haircut.  Poor guy has been neglected of late!
  • I had my husband print a bunch of agility trial premiums out yesterday.  I’m going to start trialing with Boomer again soon!
  • My husband and I plan on braving the Cloverdale Swap Meet tomorrow morning, with both babies.  He’ll carry Dakota in his Baby Buddha, and I’ll have Griffin in my Beco.  We hope to pick up a nice umbrella stroller that we can use with a carrier instead of always lugging around the double stroller.
  • Griffin and Dakota are still growing like weeds – especially Dakota.  He has doubled his birthweight already! I was looking at pictures of Dakota as a newborn and the difference is really striking.
  • The boys got a bumbo each. Dakota absolutely loves his, he likes seeing the world and knowing what is going on.  Griffin’s head is a little less steady and he has a hard time sitting in it for too long. If he’s tired, his poor little head sinks down into his chest and he can’t lift it up.
  • The boys will be 3 months on Tuesday.  Like clockwork, they are getting tired earlier in the evening and sleeping longer stretches at night.  They are starting to develop their morning nap and often sleep 2 to 2 1/2 hours in the morning if I put them down between 9am and 10am.  Not today, though!
  • I realized today only 4 weeks until our Palm Springs family trip, and 6 weeks until I return to work.  Time is flying by so fast!

Dakota at about 10 days, with 5-month-old Sadie

Griffin at about 10 days

Dakota at 2 months 5 days

Griffin at 2 1/2 months



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9 responses to “Friday Night Leftovers #2

  1. Adorable babies you have! Mommy of a singleton and a set of twins, stopping in from FNL.

  2. Babies are adorable! What kind of double stroller do you have? I just bought a Baby Jogger City Mini, and I *think* I will love it. Good luck at the swap meet!

    Dropping in from FNL. Mommy to an (almost) 18 month old and 36wks pregnant 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by! We have a Peg Perego Duette stroller. Right now we have the car seats in, but you can use stroller seats as well. Really, it’s meant for twins or triplets (the Peg Perego Triplette).

      We decided not to go to the swap meet tomorrow. I’m just too tired & too many other things to get done this weekend! We’re going to get a stroller on craigslist instead.

  3. Love the pics of the boys!

    Good luck at the swap meet! There’s one here tomorrow but I just don’t have the energy to go (nor do I need anything!).

  4. Doubling their weight definitely sounds like growing like weeds! Wow! My oldest couldn’t stand the Bumbo, but my younger daughter loved it. We used to sit her at the table with us when she was a baby so that she could be part of the action!

  5. The boys are so sweet! I love the picture of Dakota and Sadie. It’s great when babies look at other babies and think of them as babies. 🙂 Lily was 3 months yesterday – but NOT double her birth weight! That is amazing growth.

    • Well, when you’re birth weight is 4 lbs 4.5 oz it’s easy to double it! Griffin has 3 pounds or so still before he doubles his weight. Lily’s probably growing at the same rate or more!

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