Twins are less colicky… or are they?

Yesterday, we had our multiples prenatal class reunion.  Three sets of fraternal twin boys and two sets of boy/girl twins came together to trade birth stories and experiences of the first few months.  At two and a half months, Griffin and Dakota were the youngest there.  All of the others were born three to five weeks earlier.

Four of the twin sets "interacting"

When trading stories, we realized that none of us had colicky/fussy babies or had to deal with PURPLE crying.  BC Women’s hospital is heavily involved in promoting awareness of this unexplained crying period in infants, and we were all sent home with pamphlets and DVD’s about the period when discharged from the hospital.  Since it was a BC Women’s prenatal class, we had also spent time discussing what to expect during this period and how to keep your sanity.  But, none of us needed it!

At the reunion, we wondered if twins were less prone to colic/fussiness/purple crying (or whatever you want to call it!).  Perhaps having a built-in best buddy helps them sleep better and keeps them happier.  For us to have ten content and happy good sleepers is just amazing!!

On the drive home, my husband and I were reflecting on this.  Our class was much bigger than five couples – there were four or five more couples that just hadn’t come to the reunion.  One was a high-risk identical twin pregnancy, and two others weren’t due until January and would still be in the throes of the super-hard first four to six weeks.  We figured that’s why they hadn’t come.

Then again, I commented, maybe it’s just that those of us with the good-natured babies made the trip out.  Those with the fussy babies were just too exhausted to get out of the house!


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  1. I think the last part you said is probably true! With our first, we ended up skipping the last day of prenatal class (party/reunion) because she had been screaming all day. Colic totally prevented us from going MANY places!

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