Thrush Wars, Part 2

In Part 1, I talked about the first 8 weeks breastfeeding my twins and the initial help I received from Lactation Consultants and a Breastfeeding Clinic.

Week 8, con’t: I read a lot on the various treatments for thrush, in both the baby and the breastfeeding mother.  I was looking for something I could do without a prescription, that would last me until my family doctor appointment the following week.  I sought feedback from other moms in my birth club, and decided to try a course of Gentian Violet. Since it stains everything it comes in contact with, I followed Dr. Jack Newman’s instructions on mess-free application of the die to my nipples and the boys’ mouths. Luckily, my boys aren’t too squirmy and only their lips and insides their mouths were stained!

Dakota with his purple mouth

Griffin too!

Week 9: I spoke briefly to my family doctor about the thrush and told her I was treating the three of us with a course of Gentian Violet. She agreed with the treatment and didn’t offer any other solutions.  By the end of the week, however, none of our symptoms had improved. In fact, my nipples felt worse and were becoming pink and shiny.  And the boys’ seemed to be bothered by the thrush – their mouths hurt when they were eating or sucking on their soothers.  The three of us were taking probiotics daily (bioGaia – a digestive probiotic). I added vinegar to our washes and started sterilizing soothers and bottles daily, but nothing seemed to be helping.

I became quite discouraged and was surfing the internet to try and find alternate solutions.  I read horror stories of breastfeeding moms and babes dealing with thrush for months, with pain and digestive issues throughout. The most commonly prescribed medication, nystatin, seemed to do little to help these moms other than make their babies sick.  My husband came home to find me in tears, convinced that the boys and I would never ever beat this thing.  I needed to find something better.

To be continued…


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