(belated) Happy 6 Months!

May 22nd - Canucks won that day, just to celebrate their 1/2 birthday!

I started writing this the third week of May – Griffin and Dakota were 6 months on May 22nd.  Things have been crazy in our world lately and I never finished the post!  But here goes…

On Sunday(actually several Sundays ago) it was six months since my beautiful little boys were born, and our favourite hockey team has sure been on a run since then!  With perfect timing, they have grown into their first Canucks t-shirts just when the Canucks are going to the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in 17 years.  Coincidence?

Griffin and Dakota have spent the last month growing like crazy. Last month, Dakota had almost caught up to his big brother in size, but since starting solids Griffin has shot forward. He’s now almost 13 1/2 lbs to Dakota’s 12 1/2 lbs.  He loves to eat!

What else does Griffin love?

  • Rolling.  Onto his tummy, onto his back, onto his side and back again.  He is a rolling machine!
  • Shaking his head in a funny dance.  He does this whenever something is extra fun or tasty – eating butternut squash, playing with a new toy, or looking at his Boomer-dog.
  • Food!  So far he loves banana, rice cereal, oatmeal, avocados, sweet potatoes, peas, butternut squash, chicken, and prunes.  He’ll eat potatoes, apples, broccoli, and pears, but he’s not as excited! As long as mommy made it for him, that is.  The only jarred baby food he will eat is prunes, and even applesauce needs to be the ‘adult’ kind!
  • Bathtime.  He loves his bath so much he gets over excited, thrashes all about, and bangs his head!  More often than not, the bath ends in a few tears as he startles himself – but he recovers quickly once he realizes how much fun he is having.
  • Mommy.  Griffin’s smiles have been extra big for me lately – melts my heart and makes me miss him all that much more when I’m at work!

My little rolling machine!

But not everything is fun & roses.  There are some…

Things that Griffin hates:

  • Waiting to eat.  That boy does not have a patient bone in his body!
  • Sleeping unswaddled. Luckily, he hasn’t figured out how to roll over without his arms, yet.  When he does we’ll all be losing out on sleep as we try to transition to a sleep sack!
  • When his brother kicks him in the head.  Well, who wouldn’t? (Hate it, I mean, not kick him in the head :).)

Overall, Griffin’s a pretty happy guy.  He’s enjoying his swimming lessons, though I wouldn’t say he loves them yet (maybe next month?)

Dakota’s having a bit harder month. He hasn’t caught onto food like his brother, and as a result his temper’s short.  He still has his happy moments…

Things that Dakota Loves:

  • When mom comes home from work – he always has the biggest grin for me!
  • Jumping.  The Jolly Jumper’s gotten old.  But if someone jumps Dakota for him, he’s all giggles.
  • Being held.  Most of the time this is the only thing that makes him happy, but some of the time even that doesn’t work!
  • Cereal, apples, and bananas.  The only solid food he really likes right now!
  • Swimming.  While Griffin is indifferent, Dakota just loves being in the water.  He kicks his feet and tries to swim already!
  • Sleeping.  Dakota is a great sleeper – as long as he’s swaddled!
  • His feet.  As long as he’s touching his feet, I can usually get a grin out of my grumpier baby.

Happy Dakota with his feet!

As you’ve probably gathered, when he’s not swimming Dakota’s more into the hates this month…

Things that Dakota Hates:

  • Being on the ground alone;
  • Being on the ground with his brother, mom, or dad,
  • Being in his bumbo for too long;
  • Being in his high chair;
  • Having his bib put on;
  • Eating anything that is not sweet (we trick him by mixing applesauce or butternut squash into every bite!)
  • Waiting.  And since he’s a twin who wakes up second, he end up waiting an awful lot, poor guy!

And now hopefully I find time to post before they’re 7 months – which is only a couple of weeks away!



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Happy 5 Months!

Well, Griffin & Dakota turned 5 months on Friday, and I promised a celebratory post!  What’s been goin’ on with my boys this month?


  • Both boys absolutely love their jolly jumpers – they just can’t get enough! They’re so different in their jumpers – Dakota goes crazy and just jumps & jumps, up & down for ages.  Griffin kind of does a ‘riverdance’ style dance, getting some fancy footwork going.
  • They’re still rockin’ the bumbos.  Griffin is trying to lean his way out of his, so I think he’ll outgrow it soon!
  • They’re starting to know and like their dog.  Griffin gets the cutest grin when Boomer comes close and sniffs him – maybe he just likes the ticklish beard :).
  • We tried solids for the first time on Friday – Griffin has been bored with his milk and not gaining as well as he should. And with me back at work, starting solids a little early will delay (or maybe even avoid) topping my pumped milk off with formula.  And it’s official – Griffin absolutely loves bananas. He cannot get enough – he eats all of his share plus Dakota’s, too!
  • Dakota loves the big giant monkey I use in their ‘grow’ pictures.  Nom nom, he sure is yummy!
  • Griffin has found his voice, and loves talking to himself.  He’s been falling asleep and waking up to conversations – must nice for mommy & daddy than crying!
  • Griffin loves rolling over!  It’s hard to get him to stay on his tummy at all.
  • Griffin loves to swim!  We went swimming in Palm Springs and it was definitely a hit.


  • Dakota hates his carseat.  He screams the whole time he’s in it.  He might be ready for a big-boy carseat but we’re not!
  • Dakota hates bananas.  Ew, yucky, gross, get that out of my mouth!  We’re trying avocados tomorrow, maybe those will go off a little better.
  • Both boys are still hating sudden loud noises – their faces crumple and screaming follows.  It’s difficult to calm them down :(.


  • It’s amazing how the things we couldn’t do without last month are now sitting in the other room collecting dust: bouncy chairs, swings, playgyms…
  • They’re also still indifferent to their jumperoo. Maybe because they just aren’t tall enough yet to reach the goodies on top, or just aren’t interested.
  • Dakota is indifferent to swimming.  Nothing special for him, really.
  • Dakota is indifferent to tummy time – an improvement over last month when he definitely hated it!

On the whole, they are both happy babies – but  this month Griffin wins as the happiest baby around our house.  We have our meltdowns and tantrums, but giggles and smiles are much more predominant. And best of all… the boys celebrated 5 months by sleeping through the night! 6am wake-up yesterday morning, and 7am this morning – no 4am feed.  Let’s hope they keep this up!

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Friday Night Leftovers #4

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on a Friday night!  Statutory holidays are good for extra time :).  So, what’s been going on with us:

  • Griffin & Dakota are 5 months today!  I’m so excited to post on a Friday that I decided to postpone their 5-month entry to later this weekend.
  • We met up with a virtual friend and her daughter today – it is always so much fun to put a face to someone you talk to daily!
  • The first born of my favourite mommies group is finally getting ready to go home.  Find out more about her here.
  • I still haven’t gotten around to that vacation post I wanted to write.  It’s coming!
  • I’m starting to find a balance between work, the boys, my husband, and Mr. Boomer.  Just when I think I have it all figured out… we’re getting a puppy in 3 weeks!
  • We visited the puppies last weekend – we have 3 litters to choose from.  Can’t wait!
  • Griffin & Dakota are addicted to jumping. More about their jumping jollies in their 5-month post to come.
  • My favourite hockey team is struggling in the playoffs.  Makes for a very grumpy husband!
  • We tried solids for the first time this morning – bananas were a hit with Griffin!  Dakota wasn’t so sure, so we let Griffin finish his share.
  • We had boot camp in agility this week. It’s mentally difficult for the dogs and handlers.  Boomer handled it like a champ – he has been so happy to work for me since I returned to work!

That’s about all for this week.  I probably won’t have time for leftovers until the next Friday stat, but don’t worry you can find plenty more here!

Jumping Jollies

Visiting Winter Baby


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Happy 4 months (& 3 weeks, oops!)

Well, Griffin and Dakota turned 4 months while we were away in Palm Springs so I couldn’t take a picture with their ‘grow monkey.  Instead, they are slippy slidey in the corner of my parents’ leather couch.

Griffin & Dakota - 4 months old in Palm Springs!

Griffin struggled with weight gain in month 4, and actually only gained 3oz in one two-week period.  We had to start waking him around 10pm for an extra feed in the hopes his gain would improve. Dakota developed a nice, sunny disposition and began smiling a lot.  He was catching up to his brother in weight, and it was certainly putting him in a good mood!

I should have taken some notes when they actually turned 4 months, but let’s see if I can remember some of their likes and dislikes:

Griffin Liked:

  • Spitting up (I swear he got an evil grin after a big one);
  • His playmat;
  • Rolling over (front to back);
  • Teasing his brother (he mastered the art of pulling his brother’s soother out of his mouth!);
  • His fuzzy dice;
  • His fist in his mouth;
  • His Grandma McDonald (my mom) and Great-Grandma Montes;
  • Mom’s Beco;
  • Flying on a plane;
  • Finding his voice so he can finally talk back to his brother.

Griffin Hated:

  • Sudden loud noises (sneezes, coughs, door closing… it would start a never-ending screaming session!);
  • Laying still while eating (hasn’t improved any since 3 months – in fact, it’s gotten worse);
  • Being in his carseat for too long;
  • Being held in a horizontal position – up, over the shoulder or facing out preferred, thank you very much!

Dakota Liked:

  • Cooing and ‘talking’, to anyone and everything (even more than at 3 months!);
  • Screeching (his new favourite sound);
  • Kicking – he did almost a march at every diaper change;
  • Dad’s Baby Buddha;
  • His playmat;
  • His his fuzzy dice;
  • His Grandma McDonald and Great-Grandma Montes.

Dakota Hated:

  • Tummy time (not much better at it than at 3 months – though he did finally roll over once!);
  • Long car rides (the drives from Palm Springs to San Diego and from Long Beach to Palm Springs were not fun);
  • And just like his brother, being held in a horizontal position – up, over the shoulder or facing out preferred, thank you very much!

Some pictures of the boys with their likes & dislikes:

Griffin teasing his brother

Dakota & his Fuzzy Dice


Griffin & his yummy fist!

Dakota (barely) tolerating tummy time

Griffin & Great-Grandma Montes

The boys with Grandma McDonald


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My Master Jumper

We love our dog.  My husband (half-jokingly) calls Boomer his “Favourite Son” – he doesn’t cry or have poopy diapers, and we can trust him home alone if we want to go out.  But we’ve (translation – I’ve) worked hard to help him be the wonderful dog he is.  And part of that is to keep his mind and body occupied – with agility.

Boomer and I went back to classes when the boys were only two months old – we both needed to get out!  But class alone isn’t enough – we needed to get back to trialing.

Before going on “agility mat-leave”, Boomer was awfully close to two titles.  He was one Advanced Standard short of his AADC (Advanced Agility Dog of Canada).  This is a class that has eluded us for years.  We graduated to Advanced Standard from Starters Standard in February 2009, and it took 16 months before we got our first qualifying score (or Q – a run with no faults under the standard course time).  We started out in the “5 fault club” – essentially making one mistake in an otherwise perfect run (usually my mistake!).  I worked hard on my handling and we improved, but then Boomer decided not to lie down on the table any longer.  He would run completely clean, but we would be over time because he would stand staring at me instead of lying down on the table like he was supposed to.  Finally, at a trial in June 2010, he Q’d two Advanced Standards in a row – the curse was broken! And we needed just one more for our title!

We were also just one Q away from our first Masters title – MJDC (Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada).  Once again, we were either clean but over time or speedy with 5 or 10 faults (1 or 2 mistakes).  The closest we got was in February 2010 – a perfectly clean run 2 seconds over time.  It was my fault – I made a late front cross near the end and Boomer got distracted:



We tried so hard to get these titles before I was too big to run him!  I had high hopes at our last trial in July 2010, but was disappointed.  They had recently aerated the grass, and Boomer was far too distracted by the divots lying around on the course to even start paying attention to agility.  I left that trial crying, though pregnancy hormones may have had a lot to do with that!

Needless to say, returning to trialing this spring was a big deal.  We’re starting small – just in the morning or the afternoon, so I’m not away from the boys for longer than one missed feed.  I’m really not up to pumping at an agility trial!  March 12th & 13th we made our way to the Cloverdale Agriplex bright and early, and ran two Advanced Standards on Saturday morning and two Masters Jumpers on Sunday morning.  Saturday was fun and we came close, but no title.  Sunday, we managed a Q in our second jumpers and Boomer is finally a Master Jumpers Dog of Canada!

Boomer, MJDC

We’re still trying for that Advanced Standard….  we did a trial in early April, and plan on a few more in May and June.  It WILL happen!


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Back to work…

Well, I went back to work on April 1st and I’ve fallen off the blogging bandwagon!

I have a ton of blog posts floating around in my head that I want to get down.  I thought I’d start by creating a list – not only do I love lists, but getting it all down should hopefully motivate me to get these posts written!

  1. It’s about time Boomer got his own post.  He went back to trialing in March, and he deserves a tribute.  Post for Boomer to come!
  2. We took our first family holiday in March (both boys, and the dog!).  Our trip deserves its own post.
  3. Griffin & Dakota turned 4 months while we were away.  They need a 4-month entry! (And I better get on that before they turn 5 months in a couple of weeks)
  4. I’m back to work, and that in itself might need two or three posts.  Pumping at work, Dad on parental leave…

I’m setting a timeline of one week to get all this catch-up done.  We’ll see if I can stick to it!

Beatle-love from California

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Friday Night Leftovers #3

  • I realized this week I only have five weeks left on my maternity leave – back to work April 1st.  The prospect leaves me frightened, sad, dismayed, and a little excited.
  • Five weeks before work means 2 1/2 weeks before our family trip to Palm Springs, San Diego, & Los Angeles.  Travelling with a dog and two infants – what were we thinking???
  • The boys are going through another transition period.  They are using their swings a lot less and spending more time on their playmat.  They have started batting at hanging toys and grabbing my shirt.  Grabbing toys is next, I’m sure!
  • Both boys have also discovered Boomer.  Boomer’s still not sure what to think of them, especially now they’re spending so much time on ‘his’ floor.
  • We’re starting to transition the boys to their own cribs.  So far, just daytime naps are in separate cribs.  Nighttime separation to come soon!
  • They are continuing to sleep really well.  They have two great daytime naps (go down between 9am and 10am for 1 to 2 hours or sometimes more, then go down between 12pm and 2pm for 1 to 2 hours or sometimes more), plus a ‘sometimes’ shorter late afternoon nap.  At night they go 10 to 12 hours, with just one feed break in the early morning hours.  We are soooo lucky, and I thank Dr. Marc Weissbluth for all our success!  At this moment, they are in hour 3 of a super afternoon nap!
  • Speaking of Dr. Weissbluth, I got his Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins book.  It makes a great compliment to Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, which I already have.
  • My husband has been working at a different location all week, quite a long commute away.  He keeps missing the boys – they are often in bed before they are home.  He is looking forward to being on parental leave and spending more time with them!
  • With my husband working so far away, he has been unable to leave me the car and take transit it.  This means Griffin & Dakota missed their normal bi-weekly weigh-in.  I have no idea how much they weigh, and can’t wait until their mid-March doctor’s appointment to find out! They really seem to be growing, I’m going to have to pull out the 3-6 month clothes for Griffin soon.
  • I mailed in two agility trial premiums this week – Boomer and I are back to competing!  We’ll start slow with just a couple of morning runs, but I can’t wait!  March 13th and 14th are our first days back.
  • Agility class was cancelled this week due to extremely cold temperatures (class is in a covered outdoor barn).  Boomer and I really missed our night out together.

That’s all for now!  Danifred has some more leftovers ready for you here!


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